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Ski/Snowboard Day Trip Packing List

To simplify packing for a Gordon's Ski/Snowboard Day Trip, this ski/snowboard packing list will help you remember all of the essentials that will keep you warm and comfortable on the slopes. From waterproof ski/snowboard jackets to non-cotton base layer tops to wool ski socks, our packing list covers all of the basics for skiing and snowboarding in any weather on any mountains. 

Ski & Snowboard Clothing
 Jacket – 1 waterproof snow jacket
 Pants – 1 waterproof snow pants
 Additional insulation – 1 down or fleece jacket/vest
 Base Layer Tops – 1 non-cotton base layer top
 Base Layer Bottoms – 1 non-cotton base layer bottom
 Gloves & Mittens – waterproof and insulated snow gloves or mittens
 Sweaters – 1 fleece or wool sweater
 Warm winter hat
 Socks – 1-2 wool snow socks
 Neck Gaiter – non-cotton balaclava or snow mask

Tip: Remember to pack lots of warm layers, as the weather conditions on the mountains can change quickly and dramatically.


Ski & Snowboard Gear
 Ski boots
 Ski poles
 Snowboard boots
 Hand and toe warmers – 1-2 packs of each, or electric boot warmers
 Hydration pack

Tip: Bring along different colored goggle lenses. Pack yellow lenses for snowy days, and polarized lenses for sunny days.


Mountain Casual (Non-Ski) Clothing
 Warm winter jacket
 Warm winter hat
 Gloves and mittens
 Jeans and pants
 Warm winter socks
 Waterproof winter boots
 Rain Jacket
 Non-cotton Undergarments


 Ski tickets
 Ski passes
 Maps and directions
 Credit card, cash, and traveler's checks
 Identification card
 Medical insurance cards
 Prescriptions and other medications
 Eyeglasses and contact lenses
 First aid kit
 Laundry bag
 Books and magazines
 Toys, playing cards, and small games
 Snacks – granola bars, fruit, nuts, etc.
 Power cables for electronics – phone, computer, electric toothbrush, etc.

Tip: Remember your lift tickets and ski passes by keeping them safely stored in your ski or snowboard jacket/boots.


 Lip balm
 Aloe Vera cream
 Hair Brush, combs, and other hair accessories


Nice to Have
 Headphones and batteries
 Hiking and snowshoeing trail guidebooks
 Sports equipment for other outdoor activities – snowshoes, Nordic skiing gear, hiking poles, etc.
 Travel pillows


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